I never get tired of seeing the look in my customer’s eye when they visit the shop or hearing from someone far away about how much they love their invitations or stationery because it was the perfect addition or compliment to their wedding, special event or milestone event. They recognize the time, effort and quality worthy of the most awe-inspiring wedding or event and that’s why I do what I do.

~ Bethann Aurand
Owner, Raspberry Creative, LLC

(You can call me Beth if it’s easier, but my friends call me B)

I’m a small-town girl from Central Pennsylvania.  I’m a rescue mom to three sweet basset hounds, wife, graphic designer, business owner, and blogger.  I’m obsessed with ice cream, coffee, black and white stripes and the Gilmore Girls.  Oh and if you haven’t guessed, I really love weddings and celebrating life’s major moments..  Still here?  Scroll down for more!


I didn’t always have this business and as an extremely shy teenager, I honestly never even considered being a business owner.  In fact, I was a psychology major turned college drop out with no idea what I wanted to do except that I wanted a job where I could be creative.

 In my mid twenties, I was fortunate enough to land a great job as an administrative assistant in a corporate environment.  Even though I didn’t love the job, I worked hard and it eventually exposed me to a new world of graphic design and marketing that I never knew existed.  While at this job, I met my future husband; a sweet and funny “nerd” that I guess I couldn’t resist.

After we were married in 2002, I decided to go back to school for a degree in graphic design and around this time we also moved to the Philadelphia area where I took a job as the “marketing coordinator” for a small, residential architect.  In 2005, I started freelancing on the side to build up my design portfolio.  By day I was marketing my architect boss and by night I was building a client list, and keeping up with school work.

 In 2009, the economy changed everything.  My hours were cut back at work and my husband lost his job.  When one door closes, God opens a window and by His grace alone my husband was offered a job closer to our families.  We put our house on the market, I quit my job and we moved in with my in-laws until we sold our house.  Leaving our life in Philadelphia was so hard but it was this low point that gave me the courage to take my side hustle to a full time job.

In 2010, I had my official grand opening here in the shop and while things have changed more than once since then, I’m still working out of this tiny space, living my dream and loving my work. 

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family and our three Basset Hounds, L. J. Stewie and Ozzy.  We love spending time fishing and boating along the Delaware Seashore and camping at my family’s property in the mountains of PA.

 When time allows, I also blog part time at twigandwhite.com, a lifestyle blog about life, home and business.
Today the shop is no longer open to walk-ins so that our team can devote the necessary time to the people we work with. We have learned that building a relationship and focusing on the quality of the overall experience is more important than the quantity of projects we complete each year.  It’s the time devoted to each of our clients that become part of the RC Family that matters the most and sharing the passion we have for helping couples navigate through the often confusing world of wedding stationery and giving them a place to feel relaxed and at ease is my ultimate goal.
Wedding stationers are a dime a dozen.  We come in many shapes and sizes and price points.  I’m not focused on being the cheapest because weddings aren’t cheap and your invitations shouldn’t be either.  I’m here to help you tell your story.  Whether it’s simply telling a visual story of the wedding you are planning or telling the story of who you are as a couple.  Creating the perfect wedding stationery package requires a journey; one that I love traveling with you.
If you are interested in starting your own journey, please feel free to reach out.  Tell me your ideas and your vision and I’ll be happy to see how I may help you bring that vision to life.

and let me know how I can help!

Why we are different:

  • We treat you like family.  Our no. 1 priority is and has always been our clients’ experience.  Even when we never meet in person, we try to get to know you and in turn let you know us.  That relationship we build is the key to every successful project and we not only care about you but how your guests feel when they receive their invitation in the mail.
  • We are self described perfectionists.  We analyze every detail from start to finish to make sure everything is absolutely perfect from designing, to proofing and production, we are 100% invested in our projects to make sure they are done right and on time.
  • Assembly is included!  Some stationers send you all the materials to do the assembly yourself.  We do all the work for you so you don’t have to.  You receive your invitations just like we show them in our photos.  All you need to do is stamp, stuff and seal.  {Want it all done for you?  We also offer addressing, stuffing and mailing services on request when available.}
  • We do everything under one roof.  We design, print and assemble right here in our shop for most of our services.  That means we have full control over timelines and schedules as well as oversee every detail that goes into your project.
  • We can’t always give you a price on the spot but this is actually a good thing.  You have the ability to customize just about every detail of your wedding stationery package to perfectly fit your tastes, style and budget!