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Planning a wedding involves making numerous decisions, and one of the key elements is selecting the perfect wedding invitations. While you want beautiful and stylish designs, you may also have a budget to consider. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on quality or style when choosing wedding invitations on a budget. In this blog post, we’ll share ten tips to help you find affordable invitations that suit your taste and wallet.

camille french blue toile crest wedding invitation suite

Set a Realistic Budget

Start by determining your overall wedding budget and allocate a specific amount for invitations. Having a clear budget in mind will help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions. While every couple will prioritize differently based on where they want to spend their money, on average, wedding stationery should be anywhere from 3-8% of your total wedding budget.  This includes everything from your save the dates and wedding invitations all the way through to your wedding day items like programs, escort cards, etc. and your thank you cards.

minimalist calligraphy wedding invitation suite

Simplify the Design

Opt for simple and elegant invitation designs rather than complex or intricate ones. Minimalist styles are not only trendy but also cost-effective, as they often require fewer materials and printing techniques. Choosing from designs already available through your preferred wedding stationer is also a great way to save.  Often, picking something “off-the-shelf” is less expensive then going with a semi-custom or fully custom wedding stationery suite.

Choose Standard Sizes

Consider choosing standard invitation sizes, such as 5″ x 7″ because they are readily available and typically more affordable than custom or non-standard sizes.  Non-standard sizes such as square invitations, while unique, will cost more to mail adding to your overall stationery costs.


DIY Options

 If you’re the crafty type, consider DIY wedding invitations. With a bit of creativity and some materials from your local craft store, you can design and assemble your invitations at a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to allocate enough time for this project. 

Looking for a great design template to DIY yourself?  Check out our template shop.  New designs are added weekly!

odette dusty lilac wedding monogram crest vellum wedding invitation suite

Opt for Flat Printing

Flat printing, also known as digital or offset printing, is a cost-effective printing method that produces high-quality results. It’s a popular choice for budget-friendly invitations, offering crisp and vibrant colors without the higher costs associated with letterpress or foil printing.  If you are still looking for a luxury look, we offer digital printing on our standard 120lb paper or double-thick 240lb cardstock!


Limit the Number of Inserts

Keep your invitation suite simple by minimizing the number of inserts. Stick to the essential information, such as the main invitation, RSVP card, and possibly a details card. This helps reduce printing costs and postage expenses.  If you need to provide additional information to your guests such as hotel accommodations, travel arrangement details, directions or other information, provide your guests with a link to your wedding website instead.  You can also opt for online RSVPs which will allow you to eliminate the RSVP envelope.  

Shop Off-Season

Consider shopping for wedding invitations during off-peak wedding seasons or taking advantage of sales and promotions. Many stationery vendors offer discounts during certain times of the year, allowing you to save money without compromising on style.

Order in Bulk

If you have a large guest list, ordering invitations in bulk can often lead to significant cost savings. Check with your stationery vendor to see if they offer bulk discounts or special pricing for larger quantities.  Another option is to order your day of stationery (or at least contract your day of stationery) along with your save the dates, wedding invitations and day of items.  Ordering so many items at once can often save you money.  Here at RC, if our clients order save the dates, wedding invitations plus three or more wedding day items, we typically offer a 15% discount.


Prioritize Essential Elements

Determine the key design elements that are most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. Whether it’s a unique font, a specific color scheme, or a custom monogram, focusing on the essential elements will help you make intentional design choices without overspending.  It will also ensure that your wedding stationery feel special without overspending on things that aren’t as important to you.

At Raspberry Creative, we understand the importance of finding wedding invitations that fit your budget without compromising on style. Our collection features a wide range of affordable designs, ensuring that you can find something you love without breaking the bank. Contact us today to explore our budget-friendly options and let us help you create beautiful invitations that make a lasting impression.

9 Tips for Choosing Wedding Invitations on a Budget: Stylish Designs without Breaking the Bank