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Guest Address Printing

Your invitation design is complete so now it’s time to get your wedding stationery ready to mail to your guests!


We have hopefully made this process easier by providing you with an excel template that has the exact columns that we need.

You can download the excel template HERE or HERE:

To edit, download the file and save to your computer. DO NOT EDIT the template itself even if you have editing rights. This is a shared link to all customers including envelope printing with their orders.

Editing Instructions:

The template has the exact columns and formatting that are required. You may write over the first entry. This is here as an example only.

  • Please do not add any additional columns or formatting. Additional formatting will cause errors with the data import program and the envelopes will not be able to be printed.
  • Please do not add any additional tabs. Insert your names and addresses on the tab that has been set up. Please note: you do not need to fill in the “country” column unless an address is for a location outside of the US.
  • Please do not include your return address in the spreadsheet. Instead, provide it in the body of the email when you send your guest addresses. Be sure your return address is written exactly as you want it to appear on your envelopes.
  • Add in punctuation as you wish it to appear, but please do not include a comma after the city. We will not add any punctuation for you.
  • Address 1 and Address 2 will be printed as two separate lines. Please do not include apartment numbers, etc. in Address 2 unless you want it to print as a second line.
  • When you have your addresses ready, please email them to or via the form provided through Dubsado.  Please include your name and order # in the subject. For Etsy customers: Please confirm inside of Etsy messages that you have submitted your addresses via email to make sure they have been received.
  • Additional formatting, incorrect formatting or any changes to the original template will be rejected and your addresses will not be able to be printed until corrected. If you need assistance or if you have questions, please contact us prior to submitting your addresses.
  • If you need help with address formatting, you can download and reference our “Helpful Addressing Guide” found here.
  • Please review your addresses carefully before submitting them.  The proofing process for your envelopes is for layout purposes only.  It also allows us to make sure everything is on the right line.  Adding new addresses and/or changing guest addresses, will be charged an additional $10 per envelope once the proofing process has begun.
  • ABBREVIATIONS:  If your excel document has abbreviated street names or state names, that is how your proof will appear.  If you would like the names spelled out, please do so in your excel document.  Revising a proof to spell out abbreviations will incur a $10 per envelope charge.

Please allow 3-5 business days for production in addition to the production time of your invitation suite.  Envelopes with liners will take longer than plain envelopes.

Guest Address Printing is $1.50/envelope