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You can send a beautiful, unique save the date to your guests that is sure to get them excited about your wedding.

Your wedding planning is moving along, the big items are booked and your date is set so you are finally time to tell your family and friends.  Sending out save the dates is a pretty common thing these days but what if you are wanting to send something that doesn’t look like everyone else’s?

Today we’ve rounded up 5 unique options from our creative customers to get your creativity going.  These ideas are sure you get your guests excited about your wedding!

Before we get into the ideas, let’s get one thing straight.

Save the Dates don’t have to match your wedding or even include your wedding colors.

That’s right! If there is one piece of wedding stationery that doesn’t have to follow your wedding theme, wedding style, or wedding colors, it’s your save the date cards.  While many couples choose to start the vision early by including a similar design to their wedding invitations or at least incorporating their wedding colors, it’s not required.

Your save the dates can be more fun so that you can really show off your personality as a couple and incorporate ideas that tell your story, not necessarily just about your wedding.

Now with that in mind, let’s get into some unique ideas.

5 Unique Save the Date Ideas

Bookmark Save the Dates

bookmark save the date

We’ll get the obvious out of the way first.  Our bookmark save the dates are so popular with our customers and do you know why?  Because they are unique and for couples that share a love of reading, it gives them an opportunity to show off a bit of their unique personality.

Even if you aren’t into reading, bookmarks are a great option because they aren’t just a magnet that is slapped onto the frig or ends up in the trash.  Bookmarks are a keepsake that your family and friends can hang on to and use for years to come.  That’s why some of our customers customize them to use as favors.

City Skyline


Whether it’s your favorite city, the city you live in, the city where you’ll be married or even where you met, sending a save the date with the skyline of that important city or location can be a great way to share your story while not necessarily being just about the wedding.

 This Chicago skyline save the date is a more traditional card, but the skyline gives it a more unique and personal touch that not many couples do.  We also love that you can also include a photo or photos on the back like a traditional save the date if you wish.

Racing Bib Save the Date


Not every couple runs marathons together but even if you aren’t runners, use this to inspire you.  This custom save the date was created for a couple who ran marathons together and it being such an important part of their love story, they really wanted to incorporate that into their wedding somehow. 

This simple save the date card incorporated their wedding colors but was designed in a way that made it look similar to a racing bib and we even added little pins to the corners for a more realistic look.  Overall the design didn’t align with their wedding style but it told part of their story and we just love how they were willing to think outside the box and create something really special and unique!

Mini Magnet Save the Date

mini save the date card

Another one of our fabulous past clients, this couple opted for a less traditional take on a magnet save the date.  Instead of doing the entire card as a magnet they opted to just do a small, square photo and insert the photo into slits on the card backer.  When assembled, the save the date looks like a traditional photo card but because just the photo is a magnet, their family could hang on to the magnet even after the wedding day has passed.

It’s such a simple thing but not something you see every day and because they went with a smaller magnet, they saved money too!

Have fun with Typography


Even if you prefer to keep things simple, playing with typography can go a long way toward creating a unique save the date that your family and friends will remember.

From layering text over graphics to highlighting some text by changing direction, there are limitless options for creating a unique layout that will really stand out.

Your save the dates are the first things your family and friends will see about your wedding.  While your save the dates don’t have to convey the type of wedding you are planning, they should represent who you are as a couple. They should be fun and get everyone excited and we can’t wait to see how we can create the perfect save the date for you!

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