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You are planning a baby shower and while most of the basics are covered (venue, food, decorations, etc) you have some questions about how to fill up the time and how much time you should anticipate needing to get through everything.  Well today I’m here to answer those questions. 

how long does a baby shower last


Every baby shower is a little different but as a general rule, a baby shower typically lasts roughly 2-3 hours.  Most of that time is spent on the meal and opening gifts.  That means the rest of the time is left for socializing, and a few games or activities. 

Most guests of a baby shower expect there will be a meal and time spent opening gifts.  It’s the games and activities you plan for the rest of the time that really give your shower personality. 


When it comes to games, I suggest considering your guest list.  Not everyone enjoys playing games at showers, especially ones that put them in the spotlight in crowds where they may not know many people.  If games are a must, try to mix things up so there is a little bit for everyone. 

One of my favorites is asking each guest to provide advice.  you can ask guests ahead of time to come prepared to set up a station at the shower with Advice cards that prompt guests with certain topics.  (link to advice cards).  These are a great memento for the mom-to-be to keep long after the shower as well. 


Another one similar to advice is asking guests to provide a “bucket list” for baby’s first year. 

Depending on the situation, some baby showers also serve as the gender reveal party.  This is a fun experience for both parents-to-be and the guests alike. 

If you really want games, consider something like baby bingo where guests have the opportunity to fill up a bingo card with gifts they think the mom to be will open and then they cross them off as those gifts are open.  Guests that get five in a row win “bingo” and a prize. 


These are just a few of the endless things you can plan to make your baby shower memorable.  Hopefully this is enough to get your creative juices flowing. 

how long does a baby shower usually last