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From a banquet hall to community park, a baby shower can be held in nearly limitless locations.  Baby showers are such exciting events; the opportunity to celebrate and share in the joy of the soon arriving bundle of joy.  Where you choose to celebrate really comes down to the size and type of event you want to have.  Still not sure?  Well today we are here to guide you through some of the best (and even unexpected) places to host a baby shower. 

Traditionally baby showers were held at the home of the host and that is still a great option for some but things have changed a bit.  Today baby showers are held in a variety of venues and can even be held virtually thanks to the gaining popularity during the Pandemic. 


Where to Have a Baby Shower

Before you can get too far into the planning of a baby shower, you have to consider a few important details.  These details include the theme, the number of guests you plan to invite and of course how you can make it special and memorable for the mom or parents to be. 

Considering the time of year is also a good idea as this can give you some ideas as to potential venues and even themes.  The key detail, in our opinion is starting with the size of your guest list and budget as this may eliminate certain options that are too big or too small or simply too pricey. 

With these details in mind, let’s take a look at some great options for where to host a baby shower. 

Host a Baby Shower at a Winery or Brewery

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Ok, this may seem like an odd place considering you wouldn’t want the mom-to-be to partake in any alcohol.  Often times however, these types of venues have private rooms available which are often  the perfect size for this type of event.  Wineries can offer a venue with beautiful views overlooking the vineyard whereas a brewery could be a casual space perfect for a co-ed event and can lend themselves to fun baby shower themes.   Don’t overlook this option.  We promise your guests will enjoy the venue!

Check out some fun themed baby shower invitations perfect for this type of event.

Host a Baby Shower at a Golf Course or Clubhouse


If you are member or live near a public golf course or other clubhouse, these can be great venues for special events.  Not only do these types of venues often have rooms to rent for events, they also have staff that can help out the day of which can take a lot of stress and work off of the host. 

Depending on the venue, you may even have meal options / catering available which helps keep things simplified as it’s all handled by one vendor instead of several. 

These event spaces can be at the higher end of the price scale to rent to that’s why it is a good idea to know your budget before making any plans.   

Host a Baby Shower at a Park, Garden or other Outdoor Venue

host a baby shower in a park

If weather and time of year permit, consider hosting the baby shower outdoors.  Rent a pavilion or party tent or host the event under the shade of some large trees depending on the location.  Consider the guest list and the comfort of your guests when planning the event but this can be a great option that can be not only beautiful but also affordable.   

Host a Baby Shower at a Church Multi-purpose Room or Community Center

Throughout most of my childhood, my extended family would gather several times a year at a local community center.  My husband’s family still does every year for Christmas.  Not only are these spaces plenty large enough for a gathering like this, they also tend to be affordable and typically include the use of the kitchen and sometimes even come with volunteers to help serve and clean up after the event. 

While these spaces tend to be very plain in appearance, they make a great backdrop for all your party décor and balloons! 

Host a Baby Shower at A Barn or Special Events Farm 


Barns have become a very popular venue for large events like weddings but they can also be great options for baby showers and other smaller events.  Thinking of just a few barn venues we’ve worked at over the years, they often have flexible spaces making them work for a number of different sized parties and they often have both indoor and outdoor spaces giving guests multiple places to gather and hang out. 

The downsides with barns or other popular wedding venues is date availability and cost.  While some venues may offer discounts for non-weekend days, during peak wedding season (summer and fall months) you may have trouble finding the right date open or you will to plan months in advance which isn’t always possible with baby showers. 

Host a Baby Shower at A backyard

backyard baby shower

Of course if you are looking for a great option that costs almost nothing, consider hosting it in your backyard or that of a family member.  While these types of events tend to be a little more laid back, this can be a great option in so many ways! 

Having everything handy makes decorating, serving and hosting super easy but guests tracking through your home to use your bathroom could be a downside.  If weather becomes an issue, you don’t really have a backup plan either so plan wisely. 

places to have a baby shower

Where you choose to host your baby shower is entirely up to you and the type of event (and size) you are planning to have.  The location should fit the size and style of the event as well as take into consideration the weather /time of year and the comfort of the guest of honor and the invited guests. 

Hopefully the ideas above give you a few options to consider to help you plan your baby shower. 

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