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In the early years of Raspberry Creative, I exclusively worked one-on-one with custom clients.  I knew from my own experience how hard it was to find personalized wedding invitations out of a generic catalog and helping people by using my skills to create the perfect invitations for their wedding brought me so much joy. It still does.  Getting to know the people I worked with was what really energized me and made me want to continue with my work.

I understand what it’s like to be considering spending my own hard-earned money on something.  Any major investment is a big decision, and I often take time to find out who the people are behind the business, read reviews from customers and really try to get to know who they are.  It’s the personal connection that drives so much of my perception of a business and I’ve always found that the businesses that aren’t afraid to show their human side tend to care more and put more into the work they are doing…much like myself.  The phrase “it’s not personal, it’s business”, does not apply to me or Raspberry Creative.

A wedding is a monumental time for couples.  It’s very personal and that has always been at the forefront of my mind with my business.  I have always done what I could to ensure that RC was more than just a business name; real people, doing real work that our customers and clients could connect with on a personal level.  Sure, I want to remain professional but my no. 1 priority is building a personal relationship with my clients.

the client experience

Over the past nearly 20 years, I have seen RC grow and thrive while many other businesses have failed or wedding stationers pivot into another industry because the wedding industry is too hectic or stressful.  It’s both but it’s also so special!  It hasn’t always been easy, but I truly believe that the longevity of RC has a lot to do with how I’ve run my business and how I’ve treated and worked with my customers and clients.  I have always referred to my clients as part of the “RC Family” and I’ve always sincerely meant that.  I truly love to make my clients feel important, worthy of my time and LOVED.

Virtually every detail of a wedding requires an investment, including stationery.  On average, wedding stationery is 4% – 6% of the overall wedding budget. That’s a significant amount and something I take very seriously.  That is a good chunk of a couple’s wedding budget that I am responsible for so it’s important to make my clients feel like they are spending wisely – both in the knowledge, experience and skill I bring, but also through only the highest quality materials, printing methods and customer service.

Even though I am almost always juggling several full wedding projects in addition to online orders, I always do everything I can to make everyone feel like they are my only priority.  That’s not always easy when dealing with so many projects and online orders in various stages of completion, but I’ve learned over the years that it often comes down to the little details such as responding promptly to questions or inquiries, answering limitless etiquette or process questions and helping clients and customers work through any issues or problems they run into even if it isn’t directly related to their stationery.  20 years working in the wedding industry does have its perks because I’ve seen it all, and do what I can to share my knowledge and experience when and where needed.

the client experience

I know that 99% of my clients and customers are going through the wedding planning process for the first time.  Some are making their first large investments of their lives so they have a lot of questions and hesitation.  From navigating websites, to payments, understanding timing and proofing, to so many other things.  As a professional, I am relied upon to help guide and put their minds at ease.  I love this part of my job!

Above all else, I want my clients and potential future clients to know who I am, what I stand for, and what I hold most dear because I truly believe with all my heart that this is what makes the difference between any other business and Raspberry Creative, my little business.

the client experience
behind the scenes - the raspberry creative client experience