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Happy New Year!  Today marks the official turn to reality and the real start to the new year.  I’m feeling hopeful for a better year but also find myself a bit cautious.  Last year was full speed ahead and this year I’m feeling a bit more reserved with my goals for 2021.

goals for 2021

Today, I’m popping in to share with you my three primary goals for Raspberry Creative for this year.  I’ve got a bigger list of personal goals but I’m keeping things simple and focusing on the biz today.

The last few years, I’ve tried to focus on a theme word instead of true resolutions.  I’m not a big fan of resolutions and instead prefer to opt for goals with clear strategies mapped out to attain them.  I’m a planner.

One year ago, I was embarking on the theme of “fearless” with so  much energy and excitement.  Then everything turned upside down and even though it wasn’t always easy, I learned that it’s OK to take a pause, to slow down and to simplify so that I can focus on the things that really matter to me.  That brings me to this year…

This year, my goals (both personally and professionally) centered around a common theme that I don’t think I was expecting but that popped up again and again.  Simplify.  That’s the word.  

So with my theme in mind, here are my three primary goals for 2021

Allow time to Pause

For years I’ve put so much of my time and energy into my business that I have no energy left for my personal life.  Last year taught me that working harder to the point of constant burn out isn’t helping me or anyone around me.

This year my goal is to allow myself time to pause.  That includes time off / vacations, more time to take care of myself through cooking healthier, more days working out, time with friends and family (safely) and learning how to say “no”.

Streamline and Automate

There are a lot of details that fall under this goal that I won’t bore you with.  The point here is that as I was going through all my end of the year reviews and working on goals for the coming year, it was clear that a lot of improvement could be made both in the products we sell to the way we process orders, manage our content and so much more.

This will be a process that will take some time this year but this might be the goal I’m most excited about because I think it will be a huge impact not just internally but for the experience of our customers.

Invest in the Future

2020 was supposed to be the year that I grew my team but for obvious reasons, I put that on hold.  In the end, it may prove to be a blessing in disguise as I feel more confident in just what I need and don’t need.  Growing the team is one of the primary elements to investing in the future for 2021 as is continued education in a few key areas.