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Save the dates, if you choose to send them, are very different when compared to the actual wedding invitations.  Your save the dates will be mailed out much sooner – usually around 6-8 months before your wedding.  The easiest way to think about a save the date is to think of it as a sort of pre-invitation that basically tells your guests the date of your wedding and to expect a formal invitation as the date gets closer.

love on angles save the date card
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If you plan to send save the dates, you must have your guest list finalized first because they should go out to every guest/household that will be invited to your wedding.  This also includes the members of your wedding party and close family members. You should never send save the dates to people that you do not plan on inviting to your wedding.

Many couples question whether they need to send save the dates or if waiting to send just the wedding invitation closer to the wedding day is enough.  Even though save the dates are not required for all weddings, here at RC we do recommend that couples plan to send both save the dates and wedding invitations simply because of the advanced notice it gives people to begin making necessary plans.

If you’ve decided to send save the dates you may be feeling a little stuck.  Most couples getting married haven’t sent many letters by postal mail so you may have a lot of questions about etiquette and wording. 

Before we get into the details, let me assure you that your save the dates will be quite simple to address because they are usually much more casual than wedding invitations.  The main thing to keep in mind to to be very clear about who is invited and making sure the names of those you are inviting are spelled correctly.

If you have your perfect design picked out along with your finalized guest list, it’s time to figure out how to address them.  

wedding guest list envelope
Below are seven simple tips to use as a guide.
  1. Save the date envelopes do not have to be as formal as the wedding invitation envelopes so there is no need to use formal titles if you do not want to (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) but whether you use them or not, be consistent.  If you use titles, use them for all.
  2. Include the full names of each guest.  Avoid using nicknames or abbreviations whenever possible but use your judgement here.  You want your invited guests to feel welcome.
  3. Address your save the dates so it is very clear about who is invited to your wedding.  If your cousin is dating but you’ve never met their date and don’t wish to include them, be sure to address the envelope to only your cousin.
  4. If inviting kids to your wedding, include the name of each child on the second line of the address directly under the parents
  5. Write out all addresses completely.  Do not abbreviate words like “Street” or “Avenue”.
  6. Write out the name of the city but you may use the proper postal abbreviations for the state.
  7. Include a return address.  For Stationery, we prefer it to be added to the back flap of the envelope but you can also include it in the upper left-hand corner of the front of the envelope as well.
Below are a few examples of how to properly address your save the date envelopes:

To a single guest, male or female, using appropriate titles.

Ms. Angelica Bender
453 Goddard Terrace
San Diego, CA 14001

To a married couple, use proper titles and the couple’s last name.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
453 Goddard Terrace
San Diego, CA 14001

To an unmarried couple, use proper titles and spell out first and last names.

Mr. Ryan Bartrum and Ms. Meghan Clearey
453 Goddard Terrace
San Diego, CA 14001

To a married couple with kids, include first names of children on second line directly under the parents’ names.

Mr. and Mrs. Bartrum
Chase and Evelyn
453 Goddard Terrace
San Diego, CA 14001

To a single person with a plus one, use titles with the last name of the primary guest and include “guest” to indicate the allowance of a plus one.

Mr. Bartrum and Guest
453 Goddard Terrace
San Diego, CA 14001


Save the Dates Should Be Fun

Hopefully you’ve gained some helpful information to help you address your save the date envelopes.  Just remember to have fun. Your save the dates should be fun, less formal and meant to give a heads up to your guests.  Make it a little party by inviting your bridesmaids over for a “save the date party” to help you address and stamp your save the dates.  Make some cocktails, play some music and enjoy some girl time while getting this task done.  

how to address your save the date envelopes