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How to Address Your Save the Dates

It’s finally happening!  You are engaged and now the real fun begins…planning your perfect wedding.  By now you should have your guest list finalized, the venue booked and the date is set.  Can I get a woohoo?

If you haven’t yet found your perfect save the date design or worded is just right, you may want to before going too much further.  If your save the dates are ready to mail then you have found the right place to make sure they are addressed properly.

When it comes to wedding stationery (save the dates, wedding invitations, and all the day of items) there is proper etiquette to adhere to.  There are some rules that you must follow while others are there to be broken. It’s fun to break a rule every now and then but at the same time, proper manners is always in style just like your classic LBD.

Simply put, your save the dates are a practical way to tell your family and friends that they are being invited to your wedding.  You should have your wedding guest list finalized before even ordering your save the dates (See Common Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Your Save the Dates).  Do not send save the dates to anyone you do not plan to send a wedding invitation to.

Now that you know your save the dates should go to every guest (household) you are inviting to your wedding (including members of your wedding party and immediate family), it’s time to get those cards addressed properly to ensure they arrive to your guests in a timely manner.


How to Address Your Save the Dates

When addressing your save the dates you use the same etiquette rules that you would for addressing your wedding invitations.  That means once you have your spreadsheet set up, you an use it for both your save the dates and wedding invitations (and your thank you cards).

You can see our detailed guidelines,  How to Address Your Wedding Invitations, but below are a few basic guidelines for how to address your save the date cards.

How to address your Save the Dates to a Single Guest, use appropriate titles, “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Ms.”

Mr. John Smith
291 Main Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19401

How to address your save the dates to a married couple.  Use titles “Mr. and Mrs.” and the husband’s first and last name.

Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
291 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19040

How to address your save the dates to an unmarried couple.  Use the titles “Mr. and Ms.” and spell out first and last name for both people.

Mr. John Smith and Ms. Elizabeth Carver
219 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19514

How to address your save the dates to a married couple with children.  Include the first names of the children on the second (formal) or include “& Family” for casual.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Andrea and Justin
2019 Main Street
Philadelphia, Pa 39382


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith & Family
2019 Main Street
Philadelphia, Pa 38291

How to Address your save the dates for a guest plus one*.  Us the Title “Mr. and Ms.” with the last name of the primary guest and then write “and Guest”.

Mr. Smith and Guest
2829 Elm Street
Mifflinburg, Pa 17844

*If your guest has been dating for a while, we suggest taking the extra time to find out the name of the guest.

Need more help?  See How to Address your Wedding Invitations for even more tips.

Wondering when you should mail your save the dates?  Read When to Send your Save the Dates