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If you’ve begun the search for the perfect wedding stationery, or researched the average price for wedding stationery, you may have noticed the pricing and estimates seem to be all over the place.  I’ve actually been asked “why does it cost so much” for wedding invitations and seen countless digital sellers make that argument since it’s just a piece of paper.  Let’s get this straight right now; your wedding invitations are SO much more than just a piece of paper!

what's in the price of a wedding invitation package

Yes, I know as a stationery designer, I’m a little biased but this same question could just as easily be asked of the other elements of your wedding; florals, photography, etc.  So why isn’t it?

There is much more than goes into creating wedding stationery beyond just printing a pile of paper that most people don’t realize.  Today I want to walk you through the custom invitation process to show you just how much is involved not just for my team but for my clients.

fully custom experience

The Full Design Process

When someone inquires about custom (or semi-custom) invitations, we go back and forth about all the possible details they want to go into their wedding pieces.  We talk about everything from print methods, to paper, the accessories and add-on embellishments, wording, special requests, and so much more.  It’s a process and we get to know each other and together start to envision their big day and how their stationery pieces are going to reflect who they are and what their day will be.

Once the details are discussed for their wedding stationery, I then walk them through the design process step-by-step so they know the exact process we use to create the wedding stationery of their dreams.  I explain how the designs are created, how the digital proofing process works so they know they can see how their stationery will come to life, just to name a few.  So many couples have told me over the years that unlike other elements of their wedding, they enjoyed their stationery process so much even if they didn’t think they would.  Having someone tell me they actually had fun instead of being stressed is joy to my ears!

2023 wedding collection sneak peek

The Client Experience

I say with the utmost sincerity that I absolutely love my clients!  Many of my custom clients have become friends over the years.  This may seem odd but when you stop to think that many of the custom (and sometimes even semi-custom) clients I work with for sometimes 6-12 months.  That’s a long time and plenty of time to get to know each other (and sometimes even our families) and a friendship is formed.  Many of my custom clients from over the years that now have families of their own are still part of the RC family and stay in touch.

One of my most important business foundations has always been the client experience.  I’ve said it before but I truly believe that how you make your clients feel during their entire experience is the biggest reflection on you and your business. 

If you want to know more about my client experience, you can read all about it here.

the client experience

The Communication

I work with some of my custom and full package clients for 6-12 months.  During that time there are a lot of emails and phone calls that take place and for some, in studio visits too.  When you hire RC to create your wedding stationery, you also receive personal assistance from me or my team to walk you through any and all questions, concerns you have in a timely manner.  It could be something as simple as how to word something, help with address etiquette, color combinations or paper or print method choices.

Sheila Ilar Semi-Custom Wedding Invitation

The Physical Products

Ok, so now let’s talk about the physical products you actually receive!  In addition to all the preliminary time spent walking you through questions and our process, working through the design process with you and providing one-on-one, personal service for all your questions, you are obviously receiving the actual, physical products that you have contracted RC for.

I am kind of a paper snob and I take true pride in all of my work and the products that leave the shop because I feel that they are a true reflection of me and my business.  I have taken years to source only the highest quality papers, envelopes, print methods and embellishments.  Every stationery set is hand assembled, quality checked and then carefully packaged to be safely delivered to you.

the client experience

The Education

Even with all the wonderful things I’ve already discussed above, maybe the most valuable thing you receive by working with RC is the special insight into my 20 years of education and experience working in the wedding industry, not just stationery knowledge but the wedding industry as a whole!  That’s not something you get with many stationery businesses!

My invaluable experience and knowledge means that I can help you bring your vision to life, navigate all the choices so that you can choose what works best together and what doesn’t.  Do you have questions about postage?  No worries, I can help with that.  Not sure how to address your envelopes to certain guests?  Yep, I can help with that too.  You can also check out our full Etiquette Series, here.

So, my friends, does wedding stationery still sound like just paper?  I hope not.  Your wedding stationery is so much more than just paper.  From informing your guests of the actual date, time and location to clueing them in to the style, what to wear, travel details, etc. having someone to walk you through the process so all the details are perfect, all the information included and just the right design details to compliment your wedding day is all a part of your wedding stationery!

What’s included in the price of a wedding stationery package?  You are paying for the whole experience that helps make your wedding complete and I am so very honored to be a part of this very special time for every one of my wonderful couples.

what's in the cost of a wedding invitation package