Now Booking Spring and Summer 2024 Weddings!

Today is the day!  The release of our 2023 wedding Stationery Collection!  It’s been a long road to get here and with everything that happened late last year, I wasn’t always sure this day would come.  It has and I’m so excited to introduce you to all of our new stationery suites.

This year’s collection is a little different in that the focus was all about creating classic designs that feel traditional and timeless with hints of old world, vintage and some modern touches.  It’s maybe my personal favorite collection to date because of the elegant simplicity of many of the designs and how each suite could work for a variety of styles and colors.  We looked less at current trends and more at creating stationery suites that will look as beautiful in 20 years as they do today.

Now let’s get to the introductions.  Below I’ll share just a few of the designs from our new collection.  To see the entire collection, click over to the shop.

The Harlow Suite

the harlow suite

We have styled our Harlow Suite in classic black and white – a timeless and always elegant combination.  An asymmetrical hand-drawn laurel  / branch design creates a delicate design element that softens the text.

The branch design becomes a lovely monogram on the envelope liner and the same branches also adorn the enclosure cards and matching vellum jacket.

The Harlow Suite is elegant, classic and beautiful.  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful color combinations our amazing clients customize her with!

The Fern Suite


The Fern suite was set to launch in our late 2022 collection but we kept her back because she didn’t feel quite right yet.  With a little tweaking, she’s now come to life and she’s already a favorite!

We went with a fine art style envelope liner this time and it’s stunning with the muted green envelopes!  To keep with this warm and elegant look, the invitations are shown printed in a lovely bronzy brown color that I’m obsessed with!  

Like many of our suites this collection, the hand-drawn wreath monogram is a lovely element to carry through to day-of stationery and inspire the lovely vellum jacket.

The odette Suite

The Odette Wedding Invitation Suite

The Odette suite is pure classic elegance shown printed in a dusty lavender.  A beautiful calligraphy style font highlights the names beautifully but it’s the monogram crest that sets the tone for the entire suite.  The loose style, hand drawn flowers keep the suite from looking too serious.

Like other suites in this collection, the hand-drawn style monogram crest is a lovely element to carry through to day-of stationery and inspired the lovely vellum jacket.

Well that’s it.  A quick introduction into our 2023 Wedding collection.  I’ve just shared a few of our 20 suites in this new collection.  You can see them all by visiting the shop.

I’ll also be sharing a more detailed look of these suites, along with their matching day of stationery items, in our monthly feature here on the blog.

Have a favorite?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!