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Valentine’s Day is just days away so it’s the perfect time to enjoy some beautiful inspiration for a holiday inspired wedding day.  Traditionally Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is all about fresh cut roses, chocolates, hearts and sweet sentiments of affection in the form of cards and love notes.  Sounds like the perfect combination to incorporate into a wedding, doesn’t it?

valentines day wedding ideas

Think Valentine’s Day inspired weddings sound cheesy?  While it could come off as cheesy if not done well, it’s actually the opportunity for a romantic affair.

valentines day wedding ideas

The key to planning a Valentine’s Day themed wedding is to start by deciding how you want to embrace the theme.  It is through your color palette in shades of red and pink?  Do you plan to use hearts as a key design element?  From vibrant reds to accents of warm gold, even if you prefer a summer or fall wedding, you can’t deny that Valentine’s Day could inspire a truly memorable love filled wedding day whether getting married on February 14th or any other day of the year.


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    Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration