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The new year will soon be here and for those that are planning a wedding for sometime in 2021, I’m guessing the time will fly by even faster.    When you first get engaged, your date seems so far away and then, like a blink of an eye, it’s here and you’ll wonder where the time went.

Along the way you’ll have lots of decisions to make.  Some will be simple and others may be more challenging, especially when you have many options to pick from.  That can happen with wedding invitations and I’ve heard so many times that it gets overwhelming because there are so many to choose from.

To help make things a little easier, I thought I’d break down a few things I expect you’ll see a lot more of in the coming year.  From the most popular colors and styles to printing methods and more.

Wedding Invitation Trend for 2021: A Return to Color

While color has remained a part of Raspberry Creative invitations, we’ve also worked with hundreds of couples that for years were looking for more simple, neutral and muted palettes; from the beiges and taupe of the rustic trends to elegant combinations of white, ivory and gold.

wedding invitation suite

While we expect to see these neutral palettes remain for some couples,  I am already seeing much bolder, more vibrant color palettes for couples planning their wedding next year.  From rich reds and burgundy to fun blues and greens.  That brings me to the next trend I expect to see in the coming year.

Wedding Invitation Trend for 2021: More Florals

boho diamond wedding invitation

The pandemic has definitely changed the way couples are getting married, at least for the foreseeable future.   A large percentage of couples are having smaller, more intimate weddings.  Smaller weddings means a smaller venue (money saver), less food (money saver) but then are spending more on things like décor and flowers.  This move to using more flowers, I expect will be reflected in the invitation designs that couples gravitate toward.

Wedding Invitation Trend for 2021: Modern Minimalist


On the flip side, minimalism, a trend that started really taking root this past year, will also see more and more popularity in 2021.  Invitations that focus heavily on typography and layout to create interests and beauty will remain very popular.  Couples wanting a simple and elegant wedding for a more intimate group of people will be looking for wedding invitations and other stationery that have a similar vibe.

Wedding Invitation Trend for 2021: Popular Colors Blue and Burgundy

burgundy blush navy wedding invitation

Burgundy has been a popular color here at Raspberry Creative for years but it’s a color I expect to see a lot more of across the board in 2021.  We are seeing couples use it for fall and winter weddings just as often as spring and summer weddings.  It’s a versatile color that goes with so many other colors that it’s really a perfect option regardless of style and time of year.

blue hydrangea wedding invitation

Blues on the other hand, haven’t always been a popular color.  Navy has been around a while but lighter blues don’t tend to be that popular.  On a personal note, this has always made me sad because I love blue!

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2021: Warm Color Palettes


I mentioned blues above as a trend but on the flip side, going more along the lines of burgundy, another trend I expect to see a lot more of in 2021 is warmer color palettes.  Think combinations of burgundy, coral, peach and blush all together in one palette.

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2021: Upgraded Printing Methods and Accessories

gold letterpress new years eve wedding invitation
gold foil wedding invitation

My last wedding invitation trend for 2021 is all about luxury.  From upgrading printing methods like letterpress and foil to going all out on accessories like pockets and laser cut details. 

Because couples are planning smaller weddings, they have more money to spend on the small details which will include things like adding more expensive printing methods like metallic foil stamping or letterpress and upgrading a simple wedding invitation suite to something more elaborate like a pocket or laser cut detail.

Whether you follow the trends or not, your wedding invitations should represent who you are as a couple and the wedding day you are planning.  When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitation, you’ll have endless choices in a variety of price ranges from vendors large and small.  My hope is that I’ve given you some things to consider and keep an eye out for as you navigate your wedding stationery in the coming months.

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wedding invitation trends for 2021