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a closer look at the elements that contribute to the cost of these essential wedding stationeries.

As you begin the joyful journey of planning your wedding, one of the first tasks on your checklist is sending out save the dates. These delightful cards serve as a prelude to your special day, ensuring that your loved ones mark their calendars and join in the celebration of your love. However, you may wonder, “What is in the cost of save the dates?” In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the elements that contribute to the cost of these essential wedding stationeries.

akari save the date card

Design and Customization:

The design of your save the date cards is a key factor in their cost. Customized and elaborate designs, intricate artwork, and unique finishes may come with a higher price tag than simpler, ready-made options. Customization allows you to add your personal touch, reflecting your love story and wedding theme, making each card a true representation of your journey together.

filippa monogram crest save the date card

Printing Techniques:

Printing techniques also play a significant role in the cost of save the dates. Sophisticated printing methods like letterpress, foil stamping, or digital printing can elevate the look and feel of your cards. While these techniques offer stunning results, they may impact the overall price due to their intricacy and specialized equipment.

heirloom elegant save the date

Paper Quality:

The type and quality of paper used for your save the dates contribute to their cost. Premium paper stocks, such as cotton or textured paper, add a luxurious touch and enhance the visual appeal of your cards. Consider your budget and desired aesthetic when choosing the right paper for your save the dates.



The number of save the date cards you need directly affects their cost. Ordering a larger quantity may result in volume discounts, making each card more affordable. It’s essential to have an accurate guest count when placing your order to avoid over-ordering and unnecessary expenses.

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Envelopes and Addressing:

Envelopes are an essential component of save the date cards, and their cost should be factored into your budget. Envelope options range from standard to luxurious, with different color choices and finishes. Additionally, if you opt for professionally printed guest addresses, this service may also incur an additional cost.

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Additional Elements:

Save the date cards can be further enhanced with additional elements like envelope liners, embellishments, or even save the date magnets. These extra touches add charm and elegance to your cards but may come with added expenses.

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Don’t forget to consider the cost of postage when budgeting for save the dates. The weight, size, and thickness of your cards will determine the postage required for each mailing.

filippa monogram crest bookmark save the date

Save the date cards are a delightful way to announce your wedding date and set the stage for your special day. The cost of save the dates is influenced by various elements, including design, printing techniques, paper quality, quantity, envelopes, addressing, additional elements, and postage. By carefully considering your preferences and budget, you can create save the date cards that beautifully reflect your love story while staying within your means.

As you embark on the journey of wedding planning, remember that your save the date cards are a cherished keepsake for both you and your guests. Whether you choose a simple and elegant design or an elaborate and customized masterpiece, these cards will become a tangible reminder of the love and excitement shared in the countdown to your dream wedding.

What Is in the Cost of Save the Dates