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Traditional wedding invitations typically include an RSVP card.  Most of you know that’s the card invited guests use to respond whether they are attending or not, but what about that lonely “M” on the blank line?  What does it stand for?  Is it an abbreviation for Mr., Mrs. or Ms?  This is actually a pretty common question with newly engaged couples just starting to look for wedding stationery and wedding invitations.

wedding rsvp card

What does the “M” stand for on a Wedding RSVP?

The “M” is merely a prompt for the guests to write their names.  The “M” beings the title of Mr. , Mrs, Ms., etc. and then they are to proceed with writing out their names.

Today we see a pretty even split between traditional and more formal wedding invitations that include the “M” and more modern and casual wedding invitations that include “Name(S)” instead.  This is no surprise as today’s wedding invitation etiquette tends to be much more lax than it used to be.

rsvp card

Do what Makes sense for you

There is no right or wrong so my advice to the couples I work with is to do what makes the most sense for them and for their guests.  The only thing I do urge against is doing just a blank line without any kind of a prompt.  

In my experience, if you don’t include a prompt, some guests may inadvertently overlook the line altogether and not include their names at all.  The worst thing for you is to receive an RSVP card without any name on it.

Another pro tip is to number each RSVP lightly as you stuff them with the wedding invitations and keep a list of the numbers.  This will further help you know who each reply card comes from as they are returned to you.

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