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Colors, Envelopes, Paper and Embellishments

We partner some some of the best suppliers and vendors in the business and because of that, we have all the resources we need to offer you the right color combination for your invitation suite.  Below is a list of our available colors, envelopes paper options and embellishments.  If you don’t see just the right options, please let us know and we’ll work with you to source the perfect materials for your wedding stationery.

Print Color Chart for Digital / Flat Printing

Digital / flat printing may sound fancy but it’s really what most people are familiar with.  Any printing that you do at home or your office is a form of digital printing but professional digital printing is taken to a much higher level with capabilities of super high-tech printers. In this process, ink is sprayed onto the page rather than being imprinted, resulting in “flat” images and lettering that can’t be felt by running your hand over the page. While this results in a one-dimensional appearance, the benefit is that you have the unlimited opportunity to use as many rich colors and shades as you like, at no additional cost for extra print runs. Digital is a fast, affordable printing method and is well-loved by brides looking for beautiful, more modern invitations at a reasonable price.

Digital printing can also be combined with any of the upgraded printing methods below as a way to add a sense of luxury without sacrificing the number of colors that can be printed.

digital print color chart

Custom flat colors are available at no additional cost for our custom and semi-custom wedding clients.

Please keep in mind that ink color may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor and from device to final printed product.  Phone screens tend to distort colors the most.

Thermography Ink Colors

Thermography printing creates a raised surface where text is printed.  In this method, a resin powder is added to ink, which is then heated and dried onto the paper to create raised lettering. It’s similar in look and feel to engraving but is far less expensive and typically doesn’t take as long in production making it a good option for couples wanting something more than flat printing that’s still really affordable.  The ink may have a bit of a shinier appearance than with engraving and may lack some of the definition of engraving, but it’s a lovely and popular choice for today’s invitations.


Letterpress Ink Colors

Letterpress printing is the process in which the text and designs of your invitation are set in reverse into a polymer letterpress plate, which is then inked and pressed into the surface of the paper usually on an antique printing press. This results in an opposite effect of the raised lettering of engraving or thermography; instead, the ink is imprinted into the paper, leaving a deep impression and a warm, handcrafted feel. Letterpress is one of the oldest printing methods and has a very warm, elegant and timeless look.

One detail to note here is that with engraving, thermography, and letterpress printing, a separate press run must be done for each separate color of your invitation. This can quickly and significantly add to the cost of your invitation.  All pricing for upgraded printing methods are for ONE color.

Custom Letterpress ink colors are available at an additional cost of $90.00 per color.  Colors must be chosen from Pantone to ensure the best color.  Again, colors may vary from screen to screen and from screen to final printed product.  Contact us for information on selecting a custom Pantone Color.


Foil Colors

Foil stamping is the process by which metallic colors are applied to the paper using heat and pressure, causing the foil to be permanently adhered to the paper. Foil stamping is an excellent way to bring an element of sparkle and shine onto your invitation. It can be used for accents or even for the entirety of your text.

Traditionally, gold has been the most common choice for foil stamping, but many other colors including silver, rose gold, copper, red, green and black have also become popular.  You’ll see from our selections below that you can customize a foil color to fit most color palettes.  No custom colors available for foil.  Single color foil only.


Envelope Options

Most of our envelopes are available in both square flap and euro styles but all of our wedding stationer comes standard with euro style envelopes.  If you prefer square, please be sure to let us know during the ordering process.  Please keep in mind that colors may vary from screen to screen and from screen to physical item.

Don’t see the perfect color or style?  Contact us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to see what we can do.

Paper Color Options

For the best and most accurate color reproduction, all invitations are printed on our standard, 120lb white cover stock with an eggshell finish.  Other options and double thick (220lb) papers are also available with a custom order. 

Please note, not all paper options are available in every piece.  We also ask that you keep in mind that colors may vary from your screen to physical item.

Ribbon Colors

Our standard ribbon is a lovely double-faced satin but some ribbons are available in grosgrain as well.  We offer a variety of widths to compliment any design or application.  Go super fancy with beautiful silk ribbon and add a very soft, delicate touch to your invitation suite.  Silk ribbon is also available in a variety of widths to suite many applications.  Silk is a custom order and additional fees may impact price.

Download our Ribbon color chart here

Don’t see the perfect color?  Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll see if we can source it for you!

Additional Embellishments

Of course for those super special projects where couples want to go above and beyond, we offer custom embellishments where the sky is the limit.  From lace or other fabrics, jewels like rhinestone buckles or other materials like acrylic, velvet, wood or metal.  You can go as unique as you want to and we’ll help you throughout the process.

The Final Details

We understand that it ultimately comes down to the pricing, right?

Well in addition to all the choices above, the big deciding factor when it comes to price range comes down to the kind of package you choose.  We offer three main types of wedding packages but have subdivided one to make four.  You can go with a Studio Package, a Mix & Match Package, a Simple Custom or a Fully Custom package.  So what exactly does that mean?

What Pieces Do you Need?

One of the first questions we ask couples before looking at designs is what exactly they need in their invitation suite. 

Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts!

The fonts chosen for a design can make it or break it.  For every project we work on, we carefully choose the one(s) that has / have just the right look and feel.

The Final Detail, Pricing

We understand that it ultimately comes down to the pricing, right? We have included pricing for all our stationery items.

Printing & Invitation Styles

Now that you know what pieces you need to include in your wedding invitation suite, it’s time to decide how you are going to style it. 

Colors, Envelopes, Paper & Embellishments

We partner some some of the best suppliers and vendors in the business and because of that, we have all the resources we need to offer you the right color combination for your invitation suite.