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Welcome to the Raspberry Creative Wedding Boutique, your guide to everything wedding stationery from “will you?” to “Thank you”.

The goal of the wedding boutique is to help guide you through the process from what you need and when to if you plan to customize your designs and how that can be done.  There are so many options, we want to cut through the overwhelm and walk you through the process step-by-step.

Whether you are newly engaged and just getting started, well on your way with your wedding planning or just looking to add a few day-of items to your special day, we are here to help you find just the right stationery pieces to compliment your wedding.

This helpful guide features a wedding stationery checklist and timeline including lots of helpful information to help make your wedding stationery planning easy and stress-free.

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Design Package Options

It’s easy way for you to create a custom invitation suite as one-of-a-kind as you are.  Maybe you have a specific vision or have found a couple designs that are close, but you need a designer’s help to bring your vision to life.  That’s where the design boutique comes in.  

We’ve worked with so many couples that have assembled design inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines.  We take all that inspiration as a visual representation of the look and feel of your wedding to create a personal and unique invitation suite that is all your own.  

Custom design is one of our favorite things to do; we consider it our specialty.  We take such pride and joy in working with a couple to create original designs with our own RC signature flair.  We cannot and will not recreate or copy something you have saved from somewhere else, but why would you want that when we can work one-on-one with you to create something that is special and amazing just for you?

If you  aren’t sure if you want a fully custom package, a customized design from something from our shop or how to personalize a design in the shop, the section below explains the differences between starting from scratch, customizing an existing design or personalizing an existing design.

Each option explained.

Studio Package

Your perfect design from the shop.

You’ve found just the right design in the shop or from a feature on our site.  All you need to do is personalize the wording, revise a font or add in your own details.  Maybe you need to add an additional enclosure card or swap a different envelope color or style, but nothing major.  The design is almost perfect!

Studio Custom Package

A semi custom design option.

Our most popular option!  You can fully customize a design that you’ve found from our shop or site feature.  You can customize a design that’s close by combining elements from other designs or by tweaking the design to make it your own.  This is the package that most customers love because it gives them the best of both worlds!

Luxe Custom Package

Fully Custom, from scratch.

This package option is completely from scratch.  Your vision is something no one else has done before.  You want something that represents you as a couple and no one else.  You work directly with your designer to create a design that is completely custom, down to the smallest details and you have the time required to make this happen.

Pick this option if…

You have found just the right design in the shop or our website.  All you need to do is personalize it with your wording and details.  

You are shorter on time for a more detailed design project or this isn’t a part of your wedding planning where you want to spend a lot of time.

You know your invitations are important but this isn’t an area you want to overspend.  You want quality but not a lot of fuss.

You have found something on our site that is close to your vision or you can’t decide between a couple of designs so you need a designer to help you customize the design to incorporate all the elements you want to include.

You love the idea of making a design unique and all your own but you don’t have the budget or don’t want to spend more money to start something from scratch.

You want something that no one else has and you really like our design style and think we’d be a great fit to help you bring your dream wedding invitations to life.

You have a really unique vision for what you want your invitations to be and haven’t been able to find anything that meets your unique needs.

Budget is less of a concern and you have plenty of time for a more involved project.

How to order…

This one is easy!  You can order online through our shop!  Simply use the drop down menus and text box areas to specify your changes and information.  You work one-on-one with a designer so you can always ask questions if you aren’t sure what is needed when you submit your order. 

Submit your request through the Wedding Boutique.

If you have questions or simply want to get the conversation started, email hello@raspberry-creative.com and provide a few basic details like your wedding date, a rough idea of quantity and what you are thinking you want.

If you are ready for more detailed information, fill out our custom request form and provide as much detail as you can to move things along faster.

Submit your request through the Wedding Boutique.

If you are just getting started, and simply want to get the conversation started, feel free to reach out via email to hello@raspberry-creative.com and simply provide a few basic details like your wedding date, rough estimate of quantity, what your ideas are and what questions you may have.

If you are ready to provide more detailed information, fill out the custom request form linked below.


This option includes
no additional design fees

The cost of your package is exactly as shown in the shop listings based on the pieces you include in your package.

Custom design fees generally
start around $150
plus the cost of your package

Custom design fee varies based on the amount of customizing and materials.

Custom design fees
start around $300
plus the cost of your package.

Custom design fees vary based on the package, design time estimated and cost of additional materials.

Click here to fill out the Custom Design Request Form>>


The resources below are packed full of all the information, ideas and inspiration to help you make the best decisions for your perfect wedding invitation package with the help of your designer.  Take your time to look through all the resources.  We’ve carefully curated all the details so you can get started learning about the process, pricing, printing options and our design services.

Whether you plan to order one of the designs from our shop or you want something completely custom, the basics are still the same.  Everyone wants a beautifully designed invitation but before all that, you need to have an idea of what your wedding invitation suite will consist of.  The information below may seem like a lot but it’s important to have an idea of what you need before jumping in head first.

What Pieces Do you Need?

One of the first questions we ask couples before looking at designs is what exactly they need in their invitation suite. 

Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts!

The fonts chosen for a design can make it or break it.  For every project we work on, we carefully choose the one(s) that has / have just the right look and feel.


The Final Detail, Pricing

We understand that it ultimately comes down to the pricing, right? We have included pricing for all our stationery items.

Printing & Invitation Styles

Now that you know what pieces you need to include in your wedding invitation suite, it’s time to decide how you are going to style it. 


Colors, Envelopes, Paper & Embellishments

We partner some some of the best suppliers and vendors in the business and because of that, we have all the resources we need to offer you the right color combination for your invitation suite.