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Save the date cards, for many couples, are a crucial part of your wedding stationery—they serve as the first glimpse your guests have into your special day. While sending save the dates is an exciting step in the wedding planning process, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can undermine their effectiveness. In this blog post, we’ll highlight eight save the date mistakes to avoid, ensuring that you make a perfect first impression on your guests.

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8 Save the Date Mistakes to Avoid: Ensuring a Perfect First Impression

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#1 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Sending Them Too Late

Timing is key when it comes to save the dates. Send them out 6-8 months before your wedding or even earlier for a destination wedding. Sending them too late may result in guests already making other commitments.  Also, if they go out too close to your wedding invitations, they wont really serve their purpose and it would have been better to not do save the dates and simply send out your wedding invitations a little earlier.

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#2 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Including Too Much Information

Keep your save the dates simple and focused. Include only essential details, such as your names, the wedding date, and the general location. Save the detailed information for your formal invitations.

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#3 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Neglecting to Double-Check Dates

Always double-check the dates before sending out your save the dates. Mistakes happen, but catching them early will save you from potential confusion and complications.


#4 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Ordering (or mailing) before your big ticket items are nailed down.

In all the excitement of getting engaged, couples set their tentative wedding date and order save the dates right away only to find out their desired venue didn’t have the date open or wasn’t large enough to accommodate their guest list.  Other things come up too that require couples to change their original wedding date.  Ordering and mailing save the dates too early in the planning process, before those big ticket items that impact the wedding date, can be a costly and sometimes time-consuming mistake.  It’s always best to hold off a few extra weeks just to be sure your big items are nailed down before clicking “purchase” on your perfect save the dates.

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#5 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Not Considering Your Guest list

Create your guest list before even thinking about ordering your save the dates.  Once your list is complete, be mindful of your guest list before sending out save the dates. Ensure that you have a clear idea of who you will be inviting to avoid any awkward situations later on.  Remember, your save the dates should ONLY be sent to the people you plan to invite (with a formal invitation) when the time comes.


#6 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Not taking the proofing process seriously

Proofread your save the dates meticulously. Typos and grammatical errors can leave a less-than-desirable impression. Ask a friend or family member to review them as well for an extra set of eyes.  Remember, your wedding stationer will help you with the wording and etiquette of getting things right but you too are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all the details, especially when it comes to names and dates.


#7 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Overcomplicating the Design

While you want your save the dates to be visually appealing, avoid overcomplicating the design. Cluttered layouts or excessive decorations can distract from the important information.  Save the dates aren’t the same as your wedding invitations and should be kept short and sweet with just the basic details.  

#8 Save the Date Mistake to Avoid: Forgetting to Update Contact Information

Ensure that your contact information, such as your names, email addresses, and phone numbers, are up to date. This makes it easier for your guests to reach out with any questions or concerns.

By avoiding these common save the date mistakes, you’ll set the stage for a smooth wedding planning process and ensure that your guests are well-informed and excited about your special day.

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8 Save the Date Mistakes to Avoid: Ensuring a Perfect First Impression