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Your template is purchased, you’ve accessed your template and made all the edits to make it perfect for your event.  Now it’s time to download your file so that you can print it and mail it out or send / share via the internet. 

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Today we’ll walk you through your options for downloading your template and the best options for how you plan to use your template.

Before you download your Templett Template

how to download your Templett Template

Before you download your template, make absolutely sure that everything is exactly the way you want it.  Some shops limit the number of times you can download your template as a way to protect from customers sharing their purchases with others to use.  

Here at RC, we limit the number of downloads to 10 but if you need more for some reason, we are always here to help you and we can give you additional downloads if necessary.

Download Options for Templett Templates

how to download your Templett Template

To begin downloading your template, click on the “Download” button in the upper right hand corner of the Templett window.

Clicking will open a drop down menu which gives you your three primary options for downloading.  Below, we will walk you through each option and when it is best to use each one.

PDF Download

The PDF option is the first in the drop down list.  We recommend selecting the PDF option because it’s the most widely accepted by print ships and is the one we request when printing templates for our customers.

The template downloads at 300pdi for graphics and all text and SVG elements remain vector which simply means you will get the best results for printing.


PDF Download Options

If you select to download your template as a PDF you will have three additional options you can choose; bleed, trim marks and save paper.

Show Bleed

Most professional print shops will require a file that includes a bleed.  Here at RC, we recommend including a bleed for pretty much any time you plan to print a template that will need to be trimmed.

A bleed is essentially any part of your design that appears to “run off the edge of the page”.  What makes this possible is a slight over print that gets cut off to make the design appear to run to the edge of the page.

The industry standard bleed is ⅛” which is what Templett includes when selecting this option.

Show Trim Marks

Trim marks are what they sound like.  They are small guidelines that appear near the corners of your template when you select this option.  We recommend only using this option when you plan to trim your invitations yourself.  Most professional print shops will not want them included.

Save Paper
pdf save paper options

This option will automatically fit as many templates on each page as possible to save paper.  For example, for a 5 x 7 invitation, the save paper option will print two to a page. 

Please note:  If you select to “save paper” you will also have the option to pick the paper size.  Your options are US Letter or A4.  

JPG Download

The JPG option is the second in the drop down list.  Like the PDF file, the JPG downloads at 300dpi and is the best option when a PDF is not accepted.  Some printers (many online printers) only accept JPG files so this is when you want to choose this option.  

For a single page, your template will download as a single PDF.  If your template has more than one “canvas” (front and back or more than one page), each ‘canvas’ will download as a separate JPG and will be packaged in a zip file to be downloaded.  

jpg download options

JPG Download Options

If you choose to download a JPG, you will have a couple of options similar to the options for a PDF.

96dpi or 300dpi

As mentioned above, the JPG option can be an alternative option for printing based on the needs of the printer you are using.  If you plan to have your template printed, be sure to keep the 300dpi option selected.

If you want to use it just as a digital file, then you can change the dpi to 96 which is a low resolution option better for emailing or texting.  Do not try to use the 96dpi option for printing.

Show Bleed

Just like the bleed option for a PDF, the bleed option for downloading a JPG may be needed for professional printing.  This will be required if your design has anything like a graphic, text or a background that runs to the edge of the page in almost all cases.

PNG Option

The third and final download option is the PNG.  This is the ideal option for you if you plan to email or text just an image or if you want to share it online.  The PNG option downloads as a compressed file so it won’t work for printing but it’s the perfect for sharing on social media, email, etc.  Please note:  If you purchase a Geofileter Template it can only be downloaded as a PNG.

png download options

PNG Download Options

If you select to download a PNG the only option you will have to choose from is the dpi.  The low resolution option (96dpi) will automatically be selected and this is what we recommend as the PNG option is the best for a digital file that you plan to share on social media, email, etc.

Completing your Download

Once you have made your option choices select the button at the bottom of the option window to “create PDF / JPG / PNG” depending on your selections.

creating your file

You will see a little window pop up that says Templett is creating your download.

your file is ready

When it’s ready, the window will turn green and you can click it to download your chosen file type.  It will then download directly to your computer to wherever downloads automatically go.