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RSVP Wording

Your RSVP card may not seem like an important part of your wedding invitation suite but making sure the wording is correct on your RSVP card is actually just as important as the wedding invitation itself.

The most common wedding invitation wording questions we receive are about the RSVP card so we’ve laid it all out for you here.  Read on.



For most couples, the RSVP date is roughly 3-4 weeks before the wedding date but there are factors that must be taken into account before setting this date. (Read:…)

Guest Names

Be sure to include a place for your guests to write their names.  Traditionally this line started with “M” but more modern invitations have replaced that with “Name(s)”.

Accepts / Declines

Lines for your guests to make whether they are attending your wedding or not.  Have fun with this.  This is a great location to infuse your personality into your invitations.

Meal Choices

Not required for everyone, if you are having a sit-down dinner at your reception and your guests need to choose their meal ahead of time, be sure to include this option.  Your caterer or venue will tell you whether they need just a quantity or if they need names / initials.

Variations on Traditional Accepts / Declines Wording

Be there with blooms on/ Unfortunately, our schedule sprung a leak

Be there with bells on / Sorry, can’t make it

Can’t wait to celebrate / Will celebrate from afar

The heat is on and we’ll be there/ Must decline, may everything come up roses

Looking forward to gathering with you /Sorry, our basket is full that day

Accepts with joy/ Sorry, to miss this yule-time event

Joyfully accepts / Regretfully declines

yeehaw, we’re there/ shoot, can’t make it!

I’ll bring my dancing shoes! / Fill the dance floor without me.

Yes, counting the waves/ sorry, Sorry, allergic to sand

It’s definitely in the cards/ Sorry, out of luck that day

Other fun things to include on your RSVP.

Amp up the excitement and get your guests interacting with fun questions that get them involved in your day.

Song Request:

“We promise to dance if you play”

If music isn’t your thing, ask for wedding wisdom, share a quote or some other way to remember them.

Silly or sweet, share a tip on love and marriage. 

Bonus Tips:

  • Number your guest list and correspond that number to the back of each RSVP card.  Then you’ll know whose missing when the RSVP date approaches.
  • Save on postage by sending out RSVP postcards.  It not only saves money on postage but you don’t envelopes.

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